Want to know more about The Cyberabad Bangali Association... read on!

One day, in a not so famous food joint in Kondapur, a few young Bengalis decided to conduct Durga Puja while they were away from home during the festive season.

That was 2007. Little did they know that a lot of Bengalis in and around the area were looking for a ‘pujo of their own’. Joining hands to celebrate was thus just a matter of opportunity. As the volume of the crowd increased with every passing year, the need to formalize the group became necessary.

Thus, was born The Cyberabad Bangali Association.

Since the formation, the membership has grown by multiple folds and the frequency and extent of celebrations in various directions. Today, we not only host one of the better Sharadiya Utsabs in Hyderabad, but also engage in multiple events to uphold the culture and tradition of Bengalis. Some of these are our annual cultural event after the onset of the Bengali New Year, our annual ‘choruibhaati’ during the winters, Saraswati puja and ‘haat-e khori’ etc. We touch upon social causes of supporting the underprivileged through NGOs and lend our helping hand to make the world greener through this juvenile association.

Over the years, we have been successful in helping our fellow Bengalis find an environment similar to their homeland and ensure that their next generation stay acquainted with our rich culture and tradition. So, we urge you to join us and have fun while we... 

‘Eat, Pray and Celebrate’ like a 16 anna Bangali.

The Cyberabad Bangali Association (Regd No:893/2013) Office Bearers 2017-18

Patron → Shri. S.N. Guha
President → Shri. Dipak Chandra Das
Vice President → Shri. Prabir Ranjan Paul
Vice President → Shri. Sirsha Haldar
General Secretary → Shri. Subhro Mukherjee
Treasurer → Shri. Kingsuk Kumar Roy
Cultural Secretary → Shri. Debabrata Bala
Jt Cultural Secretary → Shri. Ramen Mitra
Sponsorship Secretary → Shri. Sayan Jana
Jt Sponsorship Secretary → Shri. Shri Tirthankar Chattopadhyay
Media Secretary → Shri. Susmit Sarkar

Executive Committee Members → Shri. Tapas Biswas, Smt. Soma Roy, Shri. Subhranshu Tripathi, Shri. Amit Ray, Shri. Shovan Saha, Shri. Siddhartha Das, Shri. Koushik Borua, Shri. Shewetanuj Saha, Shri. Mainak Das, Shri. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Shri. Rajdeep Poddar,

Advisory Board → Shri. A.K. Hom, Shri. Surojeet Sengupta, Shri. Arya Roy Chowdhury, Smt. Shabari Mitra, Shri. Kaushik Bhattacharya, Ms. Swati Guha, Shri. Somnath Mukherjee, Shri. Sumit Biswas, Shri. Sabyasachi Sengupta, Shri. Sumantra Chanda